Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First TWO CHAPTERS on Amazon!

Friends and Readers,

I just wanted to thank those of you who have already downloaded The Last Ancient from my publisher's site, burstbooks.ca, or from Amazon. If you're still deciding whether to download, Amazon has the first two chapters available in its peek inside feature. Check it out!

I've already received one 5-star rave review; and I'd love to receive more, be they 5-star or otherwise (preferably not otherwise)! Once you turn that last page, don't forget to review The Last Ancient on Amazon or Goodreads. It's the best way to spread good mojo on a debut author.

Also, keep checking in with goodreads.com to see when The Last Ancient is available on Barnes and Noble and iBooks. Should be any moment now.

Happy reading this Christmas season to all!

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  1. Eliot, I apologize for not responding sooner. Your book sounds intriguing to me but I am so far behind and not catching up any time soon as I've been diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and will soon be undergoing aggressive chemotherapy. Not ideal conditions for reading and writing reviews. Good luck.