Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Author Interview

Hi everyone,

Celia Breslin, an excellent Urban Fantasy author in the same publishing house as myself, interviewed me for her blog. You can find the (fairly long) interview here:

I answer 10 questions about myself and about my writing and reading tastes. I mentioned something about my career as a journalist and how it's affected my writing that might be useful to other writers. It involves the link between the perfect lead in journalism and the importance of a good intro to your novel, be it the first sentence, first paragraph, or first page. It's all about having a handle of your story, of having a clear vision, and being able to communicate that vision in concise, alluring fashion.

Keep up the reading, guys. I've heard some nice words of encouragement so far from a few of you, and have gotten a few 5-star reviews already. I do so look forward to getting your all's reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and at my publisher's website, Those reviews are gold. They attract readers from all corners of the inter web. I will let you know when the paperback edition is ready. And I am anticipating a couple book signings in the Seattle area in February.

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